jobs that pay 30k a year in 2022

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jobs that pay 30k a year

Most entry-level jobs that pay 30k a year, making them a good place to start for recent college graduates or those who are still deciding on a career path. Education requirements for most jobs that pay $30,000 a year are minimal. If you have no prior experience, you can typically get on-the-job training and apply.

Yet, even if we’re out of the Great Recession, many Americans are still struggling. Working merely to support one’s family is no longer sufficient in today’s competitive job market. They need extremely rewarded jobs to meet their expenses.

The salary ranges from $35,000 to $57,000 a year for the jobs listed here these are those jobs that pay 30k a year.


Important things to know

  • Lighting, power, and communications systems are all under the purview of electricians.
  • Medical lab technicians and computer support specialists earn an annual salary of $54,000 on average.
  • Industrial equipment mechanics and environmental engineering technicians are predicted to have a 13 percent and 7 percent increase in employment in the next decade.
  • Dental assistants complete the top five with an annual salary of $42,000.
  • The Electrician is the First Category:

Maintaining, repairing, and installing electrical systems is the job of electricians. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job growth for electricians is significantly higher than normal.

Between 2019 and 2029, this industry’s growth is predicted to be 8%.

  • In 2019, approximately 739,200 electricians were employed. By 2029, that number is predicted to rise to 801,400.
  • In 2020, the average yearly pay was $56,900, according to the BLS. High school graduation is required, as well as training from a technical institution. Apprenticeships and other on-the-job training programs can also lead to a license.


  • Support Specialists for Computers and Networks

When it comes to computer troubles, computer support specialists are help desk technicians who assist consumers and IT professionals alike.

  • Maintaining network systems may fall under the purview of a network specialist.
  • A computer support person may also troubleshoot the internet and assist businesses with enhancing operational efficiency and with the help of these expertise we can earn from these Jobs that compensate 30k a year.
  • The median annual compensation for a specialist is $55,510, or $26.69 an hour.
  • Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technicians

Tissue and bodily fluids, including blood and urine. Examined by medical and clinical laboratory technicians who collect samples and run tests on them.

Main skills that are needed:

  • Microscopic skills are essential for technicians in the laboratory.
  • In addition, the technicians update the patient’s data as a result of their results, which are documented and entered into computers.
  • The average annual salary for a specialist is $54,180.

(BLS) expects a 7% increase in employment in the profession that becomes included in the extremely paid jobs.

  • Mechanics of Wind Turbines

Wind power, for example, is becoming increasingly popular as a source of renewable energy. There is a growing demand for personnel who can maintain technology as it grows.

In order to become a wind turbine technician, one must have a technical school degree as well as on-the-job experience because these are extremely paid jobs.

Technicians for wind Turbines are included.

  • Technicians repair, maintain, and install wind turbines. Wind turbine specialists frequently inspect and repair electrical and mechanical components.
  • Repair and maintenance of old or defective equipment includes data collection for study and analysis.
  • As of 2020, the average annual salary for wind turbine technicians was $56,230.

According to (BLS), there will be a 61% increase in the number of wind turbine technicians by 2020.

  • Mechanics of industrial machinery

An industrial machinery technician fixes and maintains manufacturing and packing machines.

 Main Responsibilities are

  • Testing the equipment to make sure it is working properly may be one of the other jobs assigned.
  • Cleaning, lubricating, and calibrating machinery are all examples of routine maintenance duties.
  • An annual salary for industrial machinery mechanics is $54,920.

This industry includes highly paid jobs.

  • Technicians in the environmental engineering field

Assisting environmental engineers is the job of an environmental engineering technician.

Technician’s duties

  • The technician’s duties include testing, operating, and altering the equipment they work with.
  • As a technician, you may be responsible for preventing pollution and assisting with cleanups.
  • Groundwater and air samples are frequently gathered and evaluated.
  • A typical environmental engineering technician salary is $51,630.

Job growth in this profession is expected to be 7% from now through 2029, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s why these are included in Jobs that pay 30k a year.

  • Assistants to Dentists

The annual salary for these workers is $41,180. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) forecasts a 7% increase in this profession through 2029, which is significantly higher than the average growth rate.

Duties of Dentist Assistant

  • Maintaining good oral hygiene is essential.
  • Dental assistants prepare patients and work areas, sterilize equipment, and assist the dentist as needed.
  • They also assist in processing x-rays and at the dental laboratory.
  • Depending on the practice, a dental assistant may be responsible for scheduling patients and managing dental records for the practice.


Despite the fact that the seven jobs in this article are all unique, they all pay the same amount of money and considered as those Jobs that pay 30k a year. The fact that most of these middle-income occupations don’t require a college degree is reassuring for those who don’t have one.

If you’re applying for a certain position, make sure your CV is suited to that role. Professional summary, keywords, credentials and personal projects can all be included in the process of creating a professional summary.

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