how to start a blog with no money

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For the motivation behind this tutorial, I will tell you the best way to set up a blog on, the free variant of the WordPress platform.

While this platform is a fantastic choice for starting bloggers, it has its limitations and drawbacks, which I’ll go through later in this blog.

Presently, this is what you want to be aware of starting a blog for free on

  1. Head to WordPress

WordPress is the best place to start a free blog because, with few exceptions, the free platform is as strong and easy to understand as the paid form.

That said, the initial step to creating a free blog is to head to the homepage and pick the “Start a Blog” choice from the lower part of the page.

Note: I suggest reading through this whole post before hopping solidly into the arrangement cycle.

Starting a blog this way is a straightforward, fledgling, accommodating interaction that won’t take more than a couple of moments of your time.

  1. Pick a Theme

One of the many reasons individuals love WordPress is that the platform features many beautiful, free topics for your blog.

The second step of setting up your free blog will pick a topic.

While there are many subject choices available, it’s ideal to settle on a clean, straightforward topic that allows your blog content to sparkle and makes for an easy client experience for you and your readers.

Recall that regardless of whether you pick a subject and conclude you could do without it not too far off, it’s easy to change your topic later.


  1. Pick a domain name

  • The next stage in setting up your free blog is to pick a domain name.
  • Your domain name is where individuals will track down you, so it’s important to guarantee that you pick a decent one.
  • Think about involving your personal name for effortlessness or going with something straightforward and easy to recollect.

Since you’re setting up a free WordPress blog on the platform, your URL of the decision will seem as though this whenever it’s done:

Assuming you might want to drop the “” part of the URL so it reads, instead, you can purchase a domain name and facilitating at a later date, but at present, the time we’ll zero in on setting up a blog without spending any cash on those things.

Be advised that the “” piece of the URL doesn’t affect your blog’s capacity or permeability in any capacity – it’s essentially an apparatus of the free platform.

Anyway, generally speaking, your site won’t be found through a search engine like Google or Bing. To find your blog, somebody would have to include your URL straightforwardly into the address bar, in this case-

  1. Select the Free Plan

  • Then, you’ll be asked to choose a plan.
  • There are three choices, the free plan, the superior plan, and the marketable strategy.
  • Select the free plan for now. It will furnish you with a top-notch free blog that allows you to distribute content, form your following, and cement your brand.

In the event that you decide to, you can always upgrade to a further developed plan not too far off. However, the free plan will suit you fine and dandy for now.


  1. Create Your Account

  • On the following screen, you’ll be asked to enter your email address and pick a username and a password. A few bloggers decide to create another email address for their blogs yet you can utilize your current personal address assuming that you’d like.
  • Whenever you’ve input all of this information, you’ll be re-coordinated to your new WordPress home site.


  1. Tweak Your Blog

  • From your new home screen, you can pick the WordPress symbol in the upper left-hand corner.
  • This will allow you to see your blog stats, change your topics, design your sharing settings, add modules, and add, purchase, or alter domain names.


  1. Post Your First Blog!

  • Whenever you’ve redone your blog to be exactly the way you want it, you can begin by adding your most memorable blog post. From the sidebar on your landing page, locate the “distribute” area and pick “add another post.”

From that point, you’ll be directed to a screen that will allow you to enter and alter text and distribute your very first blog post on your new webpage!


Ten Tips for Happy Blogging

Whenever you’ve set up your new blog, you’ll probably want to hop directly into blogging. To make each post you compose as fruitful as conceivable, follow these tips:

  1. Get a clear line of sight. Content that incorporates visuals earns an average of 94% more perspectives than content without images. Considering this, make certain to add featured images to each post you compose. You’ll view it as the “Featured images” tab on the left-hand side of your altering platform.
  2. Post frequently. Maintaining a regular blogging plan is important in building blogging success. Regardless of whether you can blog once or multiple times each week, deciding on a timetable and sticking to it is important. This gives your readers something to anticipate and assists you with turning out to be more noticeable to individuals attempting to see your substance.
  3. Be interactive. As you gain a blog following, you’ll start to get remarks on your posts. To encourage reader engagement, make certain to interact with your devotees by answering these remarks. This shows your readers you care about what they’re saying and that there’s a real individual behind your blog.
  4. Expand your themes. Blogging is a liquid pastime, and it’s important to adjust your trajectory as you go. Considering this, don’t hesitate for even a moment to harvest ideas from your audience, things you see on social media, or recent developments. This can assist with guaranteeing you’re giving substance individuals want to read and engage with.
  5. Read and remark. One of the main strides in building your blogging local area is to locate, read, and remark on others’ blogs. This assists you with making companions in the blogosphere, gaining ideas for points, and earning new readers.
  6. Concentrate on your audience. Whenever you initially start blogging, you probably won’t understand who your listeners’ perspective is. As you go on, be that as it may, it’s important to get a real vibe for who’s reading your substance and which of your pieces are performing awesome. You can do this by concentrating on your webpage analytics to see which blog posts have the most shares and comments or by surveying your readers about what they might want to read more of. This can assist you with finding out what points and topics resonate with them.
  7. Do it for yourself. While it’s important to understand what your listeners might be thinking, it’s additionally important to compose for yourself at every turn. Doing this helps your substance feel more authentic and engaging and assists you with attracting readers who are genuinely intrigued by the things you care about.
  8. Start an email list. Regardless of whether you’re not selling an item or assistance from your blog, quite possibly the earliest thing you ought to do is start an email list. Individuals who love your substance will join to get a greater amount of it and you’ll start to fabricate a base of dedicated fans. You can start to fabricate your email list by installing the MailChimp for WordPress module and implanting a supporter opt-in box on your site. Regardless of whether you do anything with the emails, from the outset, assembling an email list is one of the most impressive things you can do to market yourself really far away.
  9. Share the affection. Thank you for your readers? Be sure you let them know that. Readers want to feel like they’re assisting you with developing and, when you reward them for appearing and reading (either through a free happy or a straightforward “Thank you” post), they’re more disposed to assist with spreading the word about your site. The takeaway? Indeed, you want new readers, but you also want to be thankful for and engaged with the readers you already have.
  10. Compose great CTAs. A call-to-action (CTA) is one of the main instruments in a blogger’s utility belt. Intended to assist readers with knowing exactly what you want them to do straightaway, a CTA is a strong way to assist with delivering the ideal outcomes for your blog.


  • Want individuals to pursue an email list? Let them know that.
  • Want them to share your substance?
  • Download an eBook?
  • Answer a survey?
  • By leveling up your CTA composing abilities, you can guarantee that you’re communicating successfully with your readers and assisting them in heading in the direction you want them to head.


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