how to screenshot on gateway laptop in 2022

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learn how to screenshot on gateway laptop, laptops are available in different configurations and specifications. Each model comes with a variety of features and designs. For instance, the keyboard of each laptop has a similar keyboard. The laptop uses the combo with CTRL or PrtScn keys to capture an image. The process that is performed on the gateway laptop is done in a variety of methods. Suppose you want to take pictures on the laptop; that is a gateway you can choose from various options. You can select the best method to take a snapshot based on your requirements.


how to screenshot on gateway laptop

Here are mentioned 4 methods to take screenshots on a gateway laptop.

Method 1: Snap Screenshots with the Windows+Printscreen button:

The first and most commonly used choice is to take a snapshot on a gateway laptop using windows + print screen. To capture a screenshot with this method, you must tap the Windows key and then print this key onto your keyboard once.

After pressing both keys simultaneously, the screen will dim briefly and brighten up immediately, ensuring that your photo is taken flawlessly. The screenshot you take taking this way is saved automatically in your photo folder and also in your screenshot folder. It’s the simplest and fastest method to take the screenshot on a laptop that is a gateway. You can use the windows+ prtsc button on the laptop at the gateway that will save the snapshot to the computer that is connected to it.


how to screenshot on gateway laptop


Method 2: Take a screenshot using the tool for snipping:

The Windows Snipping tool is an effective way to take a screen from your notebook. To utilize the tool for snipping, you must open the tool by clicking on your start menu. First, locate the tool for snipping that you can search for in the search bar. Choose the location you wish to take the image. Then select the NEW option. The tool snipping offers a variety of methods of taking screenshots you can select depending on your preferences. The different techniques include free-to-form snip, windows snip, rectangular snip, and full-screen, allowing you to capture various photos.

After you have left the click, the tool will select the region in the highlighted area and open the picture, allowing you to edit the image or make any remarks you require. The program comes with the capabilities of the delay option, which will enable you to create a timer that allows you to take the screenshot quickly. It also lets you save the screenshot in different formats, share the image directly via email, and then open the image in paint when you want to make any modifications.

Method 3: Use the keys windows+G to open the browser:

If you’re planning to capture a screenshot using an external laptop, you must opt for this straightforward way. With no hassle, you can capture your screenshot quickly. When you’ve taken the photo, you will be able to find stores that you need to visit. Therefore, you don’t have to think about finding the store.

Just hit the windows+G keys on your laptop; that is a gateway. A game menu will pop up on the gateway screen and display options for the camera. You must click the camera icon and save the laptop image from the gateway.


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Method 4: Lightshot application

If you’d like to utilize the more advanced method, it is to install an app known as Lightshot on your computer, which allows you to take a photo. With the Lightshot app, you will need to move the mouse over the area where you want to photograph and then copy and save it to your laptop’s gateway. It’s a unique technique and is a much simpler procedure. Therefore, anyone can experiment quickly.


How to Take a Screenshot on Gateway Laptop Windows 10?

Select the windows+prtsc function on the laptop, located in the screen’s upper right-hand corner. This depends on the kind of laptop you are using as your gateway. For instance, when you click the Windows+G button, the game bar appears on your screen. Then you can take a photo on the laptop connected to the gateway using the camera button within the game bar. If you want to edit the screenshot, you will need access to the editing feature within the paint. It is not necessary to install the paint on your own because it’s an inbuilt option.


A successful screenshot can help you in a variety of ways. It is easy to use with special commands. These shortcuts can save your screenshots in a significant way. These various methods can make your work simpler. Each technique is simpler to keep track of always. It also allows you to use it frequently. In no time, you will get the image of your preferred place.


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