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how to measure laptop screen sizes in 2022

how to measure laptop screen sizes
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A lot of people are searching for how to measure laptop screen sizes and determining the size of a laptop’s screen before purchasing one is vital since the market has a wide range of different sizes and screens available; deciding which one is best for your needs can be a challenge. The question is, what is the best way to determine the size of your laptop’s screen? In this article, we put together this simple and quick guide to measuring screen sizes.

What are laptop displays assessed?

The size of your laptop’s inch is the diagonal dimensions across the entire screen from the edge. It does not include the bezel (the frame that surrounds the screen) that can quickly increase an inch in total dimension. Put a measuring tape on the lower left corner of your screen. Convert it into inches. This will determine the dimension of the computer screen.

A step-by-step guide to calculating laptop size:

Here are the step-by-step directions.

●      Buy a tape measure:

A tape measure is ideal for measuring a laptop’s screen. The traditional tape measure will most likely contain inches to one side. If you don’t have inches, don’t fret; you can change your measurement to inches.

●      Find your starting point:

Before you determine the size of your laptop’s screen, There are two points you need to know. One thing to note is that displays are measured diagonally. This is the second reason why most people get it wrong. The measurement point isn’t the top edge of the screen but the point where the actual screen begins. In this way, you’ll have to switch on your laptop to see the point at which your screen starts and ends.

We recommend you start with the display corner in the upper left and finish by putting the diagonal corner into the lower right corner of your display.

●      Note down your measurement:

If you’ve successfully taken measurements of the screen’s size, take note of it to ensure you do not forget. It is not necessary to convert the measurement if it is in inches. If you’ve measured in another measurement, it’s best to convert it to inches.

What are the most common laptop dimensions?

There aren’t any universal guidelines for laptop screen sizes or physical configurations. Specific models are more reliable than others. Even though two laptops share the same size diagonal doesn’t mean they have identical vertical and horizontal dimensions.

Most laptops’ screens range between 13 and 15 inches in dimension—the sizes of notebooks that are compact range between 11 and 13 inches in the lower range. The giant laptop features screen dimensions of 17.3 inches. 17.3 inches.

How do you know the size of your laptop’s screen without taking measurements?

The screen size of laptops can also be determined using measuring tape by comparing it with the standard A4 paper (equivalent to 13 inches). ”). It’ll be an 11.6, 13.3, 14.1, 15.4, or 17.3-inch laptop, depending on how small or big the screen’s size is when compared to the sheet.

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how to measure laptop screen sizes?

After you’ve identified the screen size, it is essential to know the precise dimensions of the other factors. For example, understanding your body’s thickness is crucial when buying a notebook case or bag.

●      Dimensions of width:

●      The measurement of depth:

●      Measurement of height:

●      Things to be aware of:


Once you’ve learned how to determine the size of your laptop, We highly suggest recording them so that you don’t have to measure your laptop again. Then you’ll know what cases and bags you should purchase to protect your laptop.



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