How to make money online without paying anything

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There are thousands of way to make money  but if you searching for how to make money online without paying anything? or If you’re searching for a side business or a full-time career, there are many wonderful ways to make money online. Some of the finest solutions will require you to make an initial financial investment. In many situations, these are the possibilities that need you to start a business and, as a result, provide you with the possibility to earn a lot of money. The quantity of money you’ll need to invest will depend on your circumstances. You can start a blog for about $100, but you’ll need a few thousand dollars or more for your initial inventory if you’re starting an ecommerce site or building a private label brand to sell on Amazon.

But don’t worry if you want to make money online without paying anything.

There are a few ways to make money without spending any money. We’ll look at the greatest options in this article.

The chances presented here are divided into three categories:

  1. Tasks that can be completed online. If you’re just searching for a quick buck, these are ideal. They’re simple and adaptable, but they’re not going to replace a full-time job.
  2. Start your own company. Some sorts of online companies can be started with no money down. All of these possibilities are part-time, but they have the potential to expand into a full-time income in the future.
  • Employed by someone else. For these options, you could work as an employee or a contractor. Some of these can be done part-time, while others can be done full-time.

There are following method given below from where we can earn money online without paying nothing.

  1. Participate in online survey via inbox Dollars

Participating in Inbox Dollars surveys is a reliable way to get money online without spending any extra money.


Every completed survey on online survey sites is usually rewarded with points. The points can then be exchanged for cash or gift cards. This is a novel approach to earn money online without having to pay anything. To complete these surveys, all you need is your time. With this point system, you may expect to earn between $0.50 and $3 every survey. You can earn $10 for each survey that takes about an hour to complete.

  1. Play games on swag bucks

Some apps can offer you money for completing surveys or uploading receipts. Others will give you money back if you make a purchase. It’s also worth noting that you can earn money by playing games on other applications and websites. Swag dollars is one of the most prominent reward sites that pays you to play games. Swag dollars will give you a $10 sign-up bonus when you sign up. Once you’ve logged in, you can browse Swag bucks’ extensive game library and select your favorite game to play.

Some Swag bucks games pay out in cash, while others pay out in cash-back.

You have two alternatives if you achieve the $5 minimum withdrawal threshold:

  • You can either use PayPal to withdraw your funds or you can use your bank account.
  • Alternatively, you can exchange your profits for gift cards.


  1. Share your Browsing habits ( Nielsen)

One of the simple methods to make money with your device is to share your browsing patterns or history. This enables organizations like Nielsen to collect information on consumer behavior while surfing the web.

To participate in the Nielsen program, first check their website to see if you live in one of their participating nations. After that, you can sign up for their service and download their software.

By letting Nielsen’s program run on your computer while you browse the internet, you can earn roughly $50 each year. Aside from that, you are immediately entered into their monthly sweepstakes, where you can win up to $500. Gift cards can also be used to redeem prizes.

  1. Share your internet data with honey gain

According to Honey gain, another approach to generate a passive income is to share your online data. This platform purchases your online data in order to do business research on how to improve your digital presence.


Sign up with Honey gain on their website and download their app to your PC or smartphone to get started. After that, make sure you run the app every time you go online.

For every 10 MB of data you contribute, the app pays roughly $0.01. You can even make around $10 per hour if you utilize the Content Delivery function.


  1. Test Website with user interviews

Another approach to generate money quickly is to test websites. Website testers are extremely useful to developers since they provide comments on the following:

Layout and design of the website

  • User experience in general
  • Glitches and bugs

User Interviews is one of the greatest venues for getting paid to test websites because it is one of the highest-paying companies.

Here’s how much money User Interviews can bring in:

  • For providing your views and opinions on specific products, you can earn $50 to $100 every hour.
  • For submitting your opinion and user experience after using a certain travel app, you will be paid $125 per hour.
  • $100 for 90 minutes of providing your internet purchasing feedback.


  1. Earn cashbacks with shop kick

With Shop kick, you can earn cash back on qualifying purchases whether you’re shopping in-store or online.

Shop kick offers a variety of options to earn cashback:

  • Pay using your Shop kick-linked card in-store.
  • Use the app to submit receipts from your in-store purchases.
  • Shop at stores that are linked with us.
  • Scanning barcodes on products (check the app for qualifying products)
  • View videos
  • Introducing friends to the platform


What’s more, Shop kick collaborates with a number of well-known retailers, including Target and Walmart. You can withdraw your profits via PayPal or exchange them for gift cards after you achieve the $2 minimum withdrawal barrier. Gift cards from major stores such as Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, and others are available through Shop kick.

  1. Become a freelancer on Fiverr

Another approach to earn money online is to work as a freelancer. As a freelancer, you’ll be able to provide your expertise in exchange for work or services. Typically, they are project-based, meaning you must accomplish particular tasks before receiving payment. Fiverr is one of the best freelancing sites since it allows you to advertise your service bundles for direct purchase by buyers.

For example, you’ve worked as an assistant before, managing emails and scheduling as well as completing some digital tasks. In that situation, you can work as a virtual assistant for individuals or corporations on a freelance basis. As a freelancer, your earnings are mostly determined by the services you provide. Virtual assistants can make up to $50 per hour, while graphic designers make around $35.

  1. Sell online course via skill share

Whether you have a creative talent or theoretical knowledge, sharing it can help you earn money without having to pay for it. Skill share is one of the top sites for selling online courses, regardless of their subject matter. What’s more, you can make money while sleeping by selling an online course. You can make it once and sell it indefinitely.

It’s important to remember that your online course doesn’t have to be a traditional school subject like Math or Literature. It could be for a specific set of talents and knowledge, such as arts and crafts, content development, or computer competence.

  1. Sell photos on Foap

It’s no secret that if you want to be a photographer, you’ll have to spend a lot of money on gear. With today’s smartphone camera technology, photography has become a far more accessible hobby for many people.

Photography, in addition to being a fun kind of art, may also help you generate money. You may make $5 each photo sold by selling them on stock image platforms like Foap.

  1. Sell your E-book on Amazon

When you don’t want to spend money up front, selling an eBook is one of the best passive revenue alternatives. You may practically sit in front of a computer and start putting your thoughts into words if you enjoy writing or sharing your experiences.

Amazon Kindle has a self-publishing option that allows you to quickly publish your eBook and make it available to Amazon customers.

These are all about how to earn money without paying nothing. Now a days, online earning is a best way to earn money. Everyone is going to make money online. It’s easy and fastest method to earn. You can also make money by online without investing anything.

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