how much to replace a laptop battery in 2022

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how much to replace a laptop battery, Because of laptops’ portability, batteries are essential. Laptops will not be as efficient or reliable without a good battery. It is also crucial to understand the length of time the laptop battery will last. However, all batteries have to be maintained. This is because, with no proper maintenance of batteries, the life span of the laptop battery will be decreased.


This means an amount of money that is spent on replacement.

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Everyone appreciates having laptops with batteries that last for a long time. A reliable laptop battery allows you to keep up your work without worrying. If the power goes out, it can work comfortably on your laptop. What’s the purpose of owning a gadget that functions like an actual desktop computer, i.e., possessing an electronic device constantly connected to the power source?


Learn from this article. Thus, you’ll be able to know the life expectancy of laptop batteries and the rate of replacement of laptop batteries, and the price of replacing batteries. The complete information will be given in this article.

What is the typical life of laptop batteries?

The lifespan of laptop batteries varies based on the type of battery, how you maintain the battery, and how frequently you utilize it. On average, laptop batteries can last anywhere between the two to four-year mark, roughly 1 000 total charges. Certain manufacturers boast about the battery’s longevity; however, it’s not always a reliable and unchangeable number.

how much to replace a laptop battery?

The price of batteries differs dependent on the model of the laptop. The batteries that come with the laptop typically cost more than an ordinary type. This is because laptop makers regard the spare components as a revenue-generating machine. The price of the original battery depends on the model and the brand you must purchase.

Apple offers a range of laptop models; therefore, the price of their batteries can vary. For instance, a 13/15 inches Mac Book Pro costs $37, and 17 inches Mac Book Pro costs $49, and a 12 inches Mac Book costs $199.

HP creates a variety of notebooks that come with various dimensions of batteries. The batteries on select HP laptops are $79.99, and the Dantona 4-cell lithium-ion battery costs $59.95. BTI 4-cell lithium-ion batteries cost $99.99.

Dell batteries cost different prices based on the model. The NM lithium-ion 6-cell battery for dell studio costs $49.99, BTI’s 6-cell lithium-ion batteries for dell studio cost $119,99, and the DENAQ 6-cell lithium-ion battery is designed for Dell latitude is $57.99.

The price of various Lenovo brands is like this The DENAQ lithium-ion battery that comes with specific Lenovo laptops costs $62.99; the six cells of DENAQ lithium-ion battery designed for Lenovo ThinkPad costs $36.99 and the DENAQ 8-cell lithium-ion battery for G40-50 and G70-50 is $49.99.

Benefits Of Laptop Battery Replacement:

Laptops are computer systems utilized most of the time since we carry them around. They require continuous power. Every motherboard and other hardware component requires a certain amount of power. The battery provides the power and the voltage of this content. If you’re using an old, damaged battery, it could cause damage to your laptop’s performance. The old battery will supply less power and could cause damage to other components of the system. It could affect your processor’s performance. The remedy is to replace the battery with a brand new one immediately. There are several advantages of changing the battery in your laptop.

  • The battery is designed to supply the power and current by the components constantly.
  • It can provide all the energy needed for the processor and Rams to function at maximum range.
  • The battery’s drain will be managed.
  • A new battery can save your laptop from the sudden shutdown, meaning your data is safe now.
  • A new battery is sure to improve the overall performance of laptops and last longer.

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●      Is it the right choice to replace the battery in your laptop?

The replacement of the battery is not always the most effective option. If there is any short circuit on your computer, then it could harm the battery. It is also possible to repair the damaged cells in the battery.

●      Can I change the laptop’s battery at home?

It is simple to replace the battery in laptops at home. External batteries are much simpler to replace than a laptop’s internal batteries.

●      How much will it cost to replace a laptop’s battery?

The price for replacing laptop batteries is dependent on the brand and model. Since Apple is the only MacBook manufacturer that offers you battery backup for more than fifteen hours, this is why their battery prices are high. But, the price ranges from $30 to $200.


Different brands have various costs for replacing laptop batteries. The most popular brands offer an average of between $30 and $100. However, some well-known brands like Apple or Asus do not provide this price. They have their service centers. They could charge up to $200 or even complete Laptop battery replacement. I hope this post gives you more research on the best and most affordable method to replace the battery in your laptop.


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