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How a Hiring Manager Decides Which Traveling Nurse to Hire in 2023

Traveling Nurse
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When you’re hiring a travel nurse, there are a lot of things to consider. You want to make sure that they are the right fit for your staff and your facility—but how do you know if they’re right?   There are several factors that go into making this decision and deciding to add new recruits to your K-12 staffing team. Here are some factors to consider:


Criteria #1: Experience


First and foremost, nurse managers need to know what kind of experience a nurse has had. If they’ve worked in hospitals or clinics before, they’ll probably be familiar with how different places run their operations. They’ll also know what their work environment is like, which will help them decide if they want to work there again or not.


Criteria #2: Qualifications


Nurse managers also need to look at whether or not the candidates have any certifications or special training since this can help them determine how well-qualified the applicant is for their position. Some people might have extra certifications like CPR certification or ACLS training because those are required by law for certain jobs; other people might have taken classes on their own time because they wanted more education just for fun! Either way, it’s something worth looking into when making hiring decisions.


Criteria #4: Personality


Finally, nurse managers should ask themselves if each candidate has the proper personality traits needed for success in this position. Does this person’s personality mesh well with the rest of our team? Are there any personality traits that could cause problems down the road (such as being too loud or bossy)?


Criteria #5: Motivation


Is this person motivated enough to do their job well at all times, even when it gets tough? What kind of work ethic do they have? Do they seem like someone who will be willing and able to work extra shifts regularly if needed?



Ultimately, Manager’s hiring decisions come down to the specific needs of their healthcare organization. They must consider the qualifications of each applicant, the fit with their current team members, and any specialized training or certifications that you may require. Hopefully, the tips outlined here can help you to be aware of the different considerations that hiring managers to take into account, but ultimately it’s up to them to decide which candidate is suited for this position and which one isn’t.

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