how to block ads on iphone in 2022 (Working Tips)

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Advertising seems to be an annoying feature of the internet. Advertising is still the primary method of paying content creators. It allows sites like the one you are reading to avoid subscriptions or paywalls. However, adverts can sometimes be distracting and intrusive. If you want to block ads on the iPhone, then don’t be worried we are here to help you. It is easy to disable ads in Safari on your iPhone and iPad. We will show you how.

How do you block ads on iPhone from Safari?

AdGuard, a Safari extension, can be used to AdBlock safari iPhone, the default iOS web browser. Apple introduced Safari Extensions in iOS 15. Before Adblock chrome iOS 15, there were ‘Content Blockers” in Safari settings. Now, Safari Extensions are all we have.

This is how to block Safari ads on your iPhone/iPad (Step by Step):

  1. Download AdGuard on your iPhone / iPad
  2. Open the Settings App
  3. Navigate to Safari from the settings menu. Extensions is a toggle option in the ‘General’ sub-settings menu.
  4. Now, turn on all 6 Content Blockers (Custom General, Other Privacy Security Security, and Social). It would be best if you also turned the AdGuard toggle under the ‘Allow These Extensions’ menu.

How do you install an ad-blocker on your iPhone?

It is easy to block ads on iPhone.

  1. Install third-party content-blocking apps (such as AdGuard).
  2. Allow the app to block content in iOS Settings.
  3. You can fine-tune your app’s filters to block adverts the way you want.


Safari extensions are the way that ad-blockers work.  This feature has been only available on iOS 9. It doesn’t just remove annoying adverts. There are many useful add-ons.

You need an App Store account to set up an ad-blocking program. There are many options available, including AdBlock Plus or AdGuard. We’ve chosen AdGuard for this tutorial, but instructions for all ad-blocking programs will be almost identical.

  • Open AdGuard after installing it. You’ll see a red message on the main page that says, “Protection is disabled”. It requires iOS permission to do its job.
  • Return to your home screen, select Settings > Safari and then go to the General section on Content Blockers. This option is only available if you have the appropriate app installed. You’ll be able to see a list listing any ad-blocking apps you have.
  • AdGuard now has six toggles to block different types of content (up from five in the demo video). Tap the toggles relevant to the content blocking you wish AdGuard to perform, so they turn green. We’re going to enable all of them.


You can now open AdGuard again, and the red warning should be replaced by a calm green message (or an Orange one if only some permissions were enabled). AdGuard provides a set of defaults to ensure a fast, ad-free online experience.

To see the default:

  • At the top right, click the Settings icon.
  • Click Filters.
  • Check for the toggles in green next to each folder’s name to see if they are enabled.

Some filters are disabled in the free version.

You can set up filters in different ways for each blocker. Please refer to the help sections to learn how it is done. AdGuard has a video that walks you through each step. Open Settings and tap on About > How to Use.

Sites exempt from being blocked by allow lists:

Use the allow list feature. This tells the blocker that certain websites are exempted, so ads will still show when you visit them. This is a good thing, as it allows sites to earn revenue and continues providing content you love. This feature can be used on sites with hidden ads you want to support.

  • You will need to open adblock safari iphone to navigate the website you wish to exempt from AdGuard. Tap the share button, which looks like a square with arrows pointing out the top, then scroll down and tap AdGuard.
  • You can enable or disable AdGuard blocking on this page by clicking the button at the top of the popup menu. You can fine-tune your blocking by choosing an element to be stopped now or in the future. Ad blockers work only in Safari. Any article you click on Facebook, Twitter, or another app will not have the blocker activated.
  • A blocker can also help you save data. Adverts are usually more visual than text and thus take up more data. You might also experience a slightly longer battery life.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are ad blockers safe?

For the most part, ad blockers are just as safe as any other app in the Store. However, Apple removed some of the more controversial ones after reports that they were running man-in-the-middle attacks. They are generally safe to use. Content blockers monitor your web traffic and interfere with your web browsing. Therefore, it would be best if you stuck to the leading apps such as those mentioned above.

Is it a good idea to use an ad-blocker?

  • Everyone enjoys free content on the internet. Paywalls are not recommended, and many sites don’t allow them to work.
  • However, this is crucial; the only way sites can create great content and offer it at no cost to you is by having advertisers pay them to access the readership.
  • The story was similar when newspapers and magazines ruled the information highway. However, the publication couldn’t automatically remove its ads before you read the articles. You needed an excellent butler who could sharpen your scissors.
  • Publishers must earn ad revenue to continue existing and produce features like the one you are reading.


It’s ultimately up to you to decide what is right for you. You can block ads and take content. No one will ever come knocking at your door with an arrest warrant. Be prepared to live in a world full of disgraced ex-journalists holding their weary hands as they scream, “50p for the how-to tutorial, Guv’nor?” This tutorial was hoped to be helpful. You can find more tips and tricks to improve your iPhone’s experience in our guide to the Best Safari Extensions.


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