Are you worried about the Prospect of online learning?

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It is natural for parents like you to be curious about the future of online learning. The current scenario has brought major alterations in the education system. Online learning has been introduced as a result of it.

For these past two years, online learning has become the mode of education for students. This has come out as an alternative to the traditional education system. As a consequence of the pandemic when schools had to remain closed, the education system revived through this platform.

This has to ensure students are not deprived of education. So far, the online learning system has undergone many ups and downs. Many changes ought to come also.

Some new rules and protocols have been introduced to support this new system. This will have some setbacks also, which cannot be ignored.

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Take a look at this guest post to understand the ground reality and the upcoming future of online learning.

How is online learning different?

As the name suggests, this form of learning is imparted using the online platform. So, the students and teachers should attend the class virtually. It is comparably more flexible than the traditional system of education.

The best part is the student will get the same teachers as their online instructors. But all the learning needs to take place over the internet. Now, since this is a completely new concept, both students and tutors are facing some challenges to get used to it.

The online learning system needs the student to be self-driven and disciplined. While in the face-to-face mode of learning, the student remains in front of the eyes of the tutor. The student is under constant monitoring of the teacher.

This particular system of learning lets you attend class from anywhere. You don’t need to reach the school or college at a particular time. The common factor between the two systems of education is the test and assignments that are conducted for assessment purposes.

Is it better than the conventional education system?

With the pandemic, the education system had the worst hit. The online learning platform has given it a new lease on life. It is true that there are areas which need to be worked on. Despite this, it has emerged as a flexible way to continue studying from the safe zone of home.


This new digital way of learning has a lot to offer you, which are listed below:

  1. From the cost perspective, this learning model is much cheaper than the face-to-face method of learning. Since students are provided with online resources, the cost of books and copies is eliminated. Apart from being economical, it is an eco-friendly way of education also.
  2. The travel cost in the form of bus fees, etc., is not part of this education system which relies on online platforms.
  3. The digital classroom has made it possible for the tutor to connect with a distant student. This is not possible in the physical classroom.
  4. The same goes with faculty also. Any expert faculty can be approached to take classes online and address students around the globe.
  5. The digital model of education lets you get access to study material immediately. Moreover, many copies can be created and shared with much less expense.

Loop holes

Besides the good factors that contributed towards making this new mode a better option, there are certain areas which emerge as its drawbacks.

  1. New guidelines need to be issued in the whole process of including this mode with the existing education system. It is going to be a prolonged process and will take time.
  2. Proficiency in handling digital devices like laptops or tablets is needed in the digital way of learning. It is a major setback that definitely needs time to overcome.
  3. Financial capability to afford an altogether new setup for the new age education is still in question.
  4. The situation is equally challenging for teachers who are forced to adapt all of a sudden. This mode of education is also new for the tutor, who is expected to provide sessions with utmost efficiency.
  5. You cannot think of practical learning sessions in the case of the digital classroom. Interaction between the student and teacher is comparatively less in this new education format.
  6. With a limited number of resources, conducting online examinations will be a huge challenge that should be worked out as soon as possible.
  7. Learning through online media means additional screen time allowance to students. With classes being conducted online, students are to be allowed to use phones for a longer duration. This can have an impact on the eyes and productiveness of the student.
  8. For primary students understanding the new technology and grasping as much as possible can be a little difficult. Their mental health might suffer from this. Natural anxiety will grow inside their mind. They will become more reluctant to use this new technology for learning purposes. Eventually, a gap will form, which is not at all good.

The bottom line

The education system is bearing the brunt of the pandemic situation. This is going to change the face of the traditional mode of learning. The medium that is used to impart education has been revolutionized, and the new one has been set up.

New opportunities await new complications. But if challenges are occurring on the financial front, you can find an easy solution by applying for 100 percent loan approval. You must assess your financial standing before taking the major plunge.

The urban population might not face a major issue while accepting the new change. But the rural population is already deprived of necessities like electricity and the internet. So, the authority needs to take action in the right direction.


With this blog, you can form an idea of whether the online learning mode will be successful in the future or not.

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